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Unlike other UX academies, we not only cover the essential theory of UX/UI design but also provide high-quality portfolio development with a team of top-notch instructors, offering an affordable career path while maintaining a high standard of quality.



of eligible graduates get a job in US and Europe within the first
6 months of completing the programme



of eligible graduates get a job in their home country within the first
6 months of completing the programme



of eligible graduates get admission to graduate school for
a masters programme
in UX design


Our Students Said

Emma 🇸🇪
Working remotely for a global corporation in my home country was beyond my imagination. However, thanks to the intensive product course at Blossom, this became a reality. Currently, I am thoroughly enjoying my career, surrounded by exceptional colleagues and benefiting from numerous perks and advantages.
Scott 🇺🇸
I had the pleasure of studying alongside excellent classmates. The instructors' meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to fostering our growth as professional designers left a lasting impression.One of the most significant advantages of the course is the ongoing support provided by the instructors until students secure employment.
Xing 🇨🇳
Blossom's challenges are rewarding, leading to better job opportunities and higher potential salaries. The instructors consistently pushed me to reach new heights even when I was content with my project.Their drive for excellence enabled me to achieve superior project quality, which greatly benefitted my career journey to the US.
Lucy 🇨🇦
I had a strong desire to enhance my practical skills in UX/UI design. This particular course caters to a select group of students seeking a fast and comprehensive learning experience in UX/UI principles and techniques.If you're looking to swiftly advance your knowledge and skills in UI/UX design, this course would be an excellent choice.
Emily 🇩🇪
If you want to have a 'REAL' UX design skills and mindsets, I highly recommend Blossom UX school. Don't hesitate. I understand how you feel before registering because of uncertainty of curriculum or instructors. And Blossom is the only bootcamp which provides 1:1 live feedback during the session. It really enhances your design and presentation skills. I think here is the best choice I made for my UX designer journey.
Robert 🇦🇺
Improve your skills quickly with a process you can't learn anywhere else. Always up-to-date information and portfolio to help you stay abreast in a rapidly developing market. In particular, even non-majors can achieve great results if they work hard with confidence. If you want to learn from a great curriculum and become a great product designer, study at the blossom academy.
Charlie 🇺🇸
This program challenges the way that you think and it really makes you take a deeper look as to why you are designing what you’re designing. It also helped me communicate my ideas better and that’s powerful. You’ll gain confidence in your abilities as a product designer. Thank you all!
Yoona 🇰🇷
I am extremely pleased with the knowledge and experience I gained from this course, as well as my accomplishments as a UX intern at Microsoft. It was undoubtedly a challenging journey that led me to these outcomes, and I am sincerely grateful to all the instructors who consistently supported me throughout. Additionally, I want to emphasize that collaborating with developers can be quite daunting.

Companies That Love Our Work

We take pride in the fact that our graduates secure roles in leading companies after they study with us, making significant contributions across diverse industries. Here are just a few of them:

Why Choose Blossom?

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to provide hands-on experience, foster creativity, and prepare you for the real-world demands of UX design.

Affordable Excellence

Blossom believes in quality education that's accessible. We make excellence affordable, ensuring that your path to success is also budget-friendly.

Vibrant Community

Join a community that's not just about learning but also about thriving together. Our positive and knowledgeable environment creates a supportive family for continuous growth.

Personalised Guidance

Experience a unique learning journey with personalised 1:1 sessions. Blossom's instructors provide tailored support, recognising that each student's path to success is distinct.
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