Our Grads Stories

"Working remotely for a global corporation in my home country was beyond my imagination. However, thanks to the intensive product course at Blossom, this became a reality.
Currently, I am thoroughly enjoying my career, surrounded by exceptional colleagues and benefiting from numerous perks and advantages."

Emma 🇸🇪

“Blossom's challenges are rewarding, leading to better job opportunities and higher potential salaries. The instructors consistently pushed me to reach new heights even when I was content with my project.Their drive for excellence enabled me to achieve superior project quality, which greatly benefitted my career journey to the US.”

Xing 🇨🇳

“I had a strong desire to enhance my practical skills in UX/UI design. This particular course caters to a select group of students seeking a fast and comprehensive learning experience in UX/UI principles and techniques.
If you're looking to swiftly advance your knowledge and skills in UI/UX design, this course would be an excellent choice.”

Lucy 🇨🇦

“I had the pleasure of studying alongside excellent classmates. The instructors' meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication to fostering our growth as professional designers left a lasting impression.One of the most significant advantages of the course is the ongoing support provided by the instructors until students secure employment.”

Scott 🇺🇸

“I am extremely pleased with the knowledge and experience I gained from this course, as well as my accomplishments as a UX intern at Microsoft. It was undoubtedly a challenging journey that led me to these outcomes, and I am sincerely grateful to all the instructors who consistently supported me throughout. Additionally, I want to emphasize that collaborating with developers can be quite daunting, especially for those who may be encountering it for the first time. However, it is also a significant advantage and shouldn't be feared, as it often leads to promising job opportunities.”

Yoona 🇰🇷

“Blossom takes immense pride in the high-quality portfolio websites they help students create, and this claim holds true. I was able to secure a job and gain admission to a Master's degree program using the very same portfolio I developed during my time at Blossom. Transitioning from being a high school teacher to a UX designer was a significant career change, but my determination, coupled with the support and assistance provided by Blossom, allowed me to turn my dream into reality. Now, not only am I working as a UX designer, but I am also pursuing my Master's degree.”

Yeni 🇬🇧

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