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1. Why we should be your first choice

Driven by results

Founded in 2019 in the UK, Blossom UX School is a growing choice for students not only in Asia but also in the US and Europe, who are looking to enter the UX industry and join some of the leading and fastest growing technology brands and apps.

All-inclusive course content

Unlike other academies and courses, we not only cover the essential components of UX design, but also cover portfolio development. Portfolio development is essential to a career in UX design but often not possible to include within course curricula. Previous graduates have been able to use their portfolios to land interviews and/or be hired with some of the most recognised brands.

Competitive Rates

All of this is delivered with highly competitive tuition rates and on a schedule you can fit around your current role to land that job you have always dreamt about.

2. How we can help you

Built for your new career

We deliver a comprehensive and intensive programme through live lessons  in small classes which you can fit around your current work schedule. This course will equip you to build a portfolio you can use to kick-start your UX career.

Delivering outstanding Results

Our students are being recognised by the top brands and there is nothing to stop you achieving similar success. If you would like to find out more about what makes us special, contact us today!

3. What makes us stand out from the rest

Instructor-led and live classrooms

Instructor-led live classroom lessons which cover the end-to-end process of becoming a UX designer, and which provide a structured learning environment. Our instructors are highly experienced, and provide a good balance between teaching you in an educational context whilst also enabling these taught skills to be applied in the context of the industry.

An authentic learning experience

Blossom UX School is not like the other bootcamps available. It's much more like a university! You will read UX related books to broaden and deepen your knowledge and also write articles and reports to express your own views and thoughts.

Ongoing Career Support

We will support you all the way in establishing your career as a UX designer, with ongoing consultation and mentoring sessions available to you, as well as mock interviews delivered by a HR manager and current UX designers