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1:1 Course

Tailored for your purpose and needs




£1,480 (10sessions)


Fully Personalised

What Is This Course About

This personalised programme is designed to cater to your individual needs, focusing on your professional development in UX/UI Design. Whether you’re looking to build a high-value portfolio or refine our top-notch instructors are here to guide you every step of the way.

Personalised Schedule
1:1 lessons are optimised for busy individuals and offer personalised schedules. It's a great opportunity for those with limited time or jobs with fluctuating shifts.
A plan customised to the situation
The project itself can be altered to fit each individual's situation. You can add more emphasis on product development over UX.
Assigned Instructor
To create a high-quality portfolio within a short timeframe, it’s important for both parties to know well. We propose a one-teacher responsibility system.

Our Instructors

Our experienced instructors have helped over 250 students launch successful UX/UI design careers in the UK,US, and Europe.
Our diverse instructors come from various backgrounds, enriching the learning experience.
We match students with instructors who align with their goals, ensuring tailored guidance.
Our personalized approach ensures students receive the support needed to excel in UX/UI design.

What to Expect

You’ll receive one-on-one mentorship from our experienced instructors, allowing for a tailored learning experience that fits your schedule. With flexible session scheduling and a personalised curriculum, you’ll have the freedom to start your journey at any time, as soon as possible.

Why Choose This Course

Flexibility in versatile learning options

Learning tailored to one's own unique pace

Providing customised guidance and unwavering support

Who Is This Programme For

Those who want to further develop their skills and career

Those who want to build a high-quality portfolio

Those who want to improve existing their own projects

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Our Students Said

Sarah 🇺🇸
The 1:1 Course at Blossom UX School exceeded my expectations. The personalised mentorship and flexible scheduling allowed me to learn at my own pace and achieve my career goals in UX/UI Design.
John 🇺🇸
I highly recommend the 1:1 Course to anyone serious about advancing their career in UX/UI Design. Minhee (the instructor I worked with) and her extensive expertise in UX Design helped me build a strong portfolio in no time.
Mia 🇫🇷
I am so glad I have signed up to Blossom UX School. My instructor, Minhee has helped me how to enhance my project and grow much higher in my field of UX/UI Design. Her knowledge in UX design is truly valuable! I can only recommend!

We're Here to Help

How do I know if this course is for me?
This course is designed for individual purposes, aimed at focusing and building on your existing professional skills in UX/UI design. Whether you’re looking to build high-value portfolios or improve existing projects with guidance from our top-notch instructors, this course offers tailored support. If you’re still unsure if this course is for you, please feel free to book a consultation with us, and we’ll be happy to assist you further.
How Blossom UX School is different from other UX/UI design schools?
Blossom UX School stands out with its tailored learning, quality assurance, competitive rates, and commitment to providing a personalised and accessible education. For more information, visit our home page.
How long is the course and how many hours does it involve?
Depending on your availability and preferences, sessions can be scheduled either once a week or twice a week. Each session lasts 50-60 minutes, and a minimum commitment of 10 sessions is required.
How is the class delivered?
Our classes are delivered through practical examples, hands-on learning, and personalised feedback. Expect clear guidance on what to learn each session, with instructors teaching through real-life examples. You'll receive feedback on your design work between classes, ensuring you progress with confidence.
Can I pay for the programme in instalments?
Blossom UX School aims to make our programme accessible to everyone. Explore flexible payment options for our 1:1 Course by contacting our staff.