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Tue, 05 March 2024 @ 18:00 GMT

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Tue, 20 Feb 2024 @18:00 GMT


How to Transform Your Skills to UX Design

In this online session, you'll explore Blossom UX Design School and gain a comprehensive overview of how you can leverage your existing skills to transition into your dream job in UX/UI Design.

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Mon, 29 Jan 2024 @18:00 GMT


Learn How to Create a High Quality UX Design Portfolio

These sessions provide a sneak peek into the dynamic realm of UX design, offering you the opportunity to explore this field and get a taste of the exciting learning journey ahead.

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Tue, 05 March 2024 @ 18:00 GMT


How to Change Your Career to UX Design

join us at this online event to gain a solid understanding of UX/UI Design as we guide you through fundamental concepts. Explore our courses to see if they align with your career aspirations.

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