6 principles of a UX/UI portfolio that secure an interview

February 5, 2024
product design
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Having a portfolio doesn't assure employment, but it certainly facilitates the exploration of new opportunities in the job search journey.

At Blossom UX School, At Blossom UX School, Some of our graduates became became UX designers through interviews alone, but this approach is uncommon and not recommended.

If you're a product designer, creating a 'flawless website' may be challenging, as there is always room for improvement. Your goal should be to craft a website that reflects your skills and attributes as a UX designer.

1. A Distinctive Homepage Reflecting Your Personality

As you probably know, the landing page holds utmost significance on any website as it marks visitors' initial impressions. Structure your homepage to spotlight your distinctive skills and express your designer persona.

Incorporate skills that reflect who you are, and consider revealing your personality. Make sure your portfolio website represents something about you, allowing users exploring your website to be interested and check through other your projects.

2. Easy-to-Understand Project Overview for HR Managers

When HR managers first review our portfolio and CV before an interview, they're often not experts in the UX industry. However, they sift through numerous similar portfolios daily.

That's why, especially in a junior designer's portfolio, it's crucial to emphasize key points clearly. Simplify complex and unnecessary details, organize your work with clear images and titles, and offer a well-structured overview that is easy for everyone to grasp.

3. A Systematically Organised Process to Impress Fellow Designers

Okay, so how should you set up your portfolio to make your manager say, "Wow!"

While having eye-catching projects or quick-to-grasp thumbnails is crucial, for the pros, you've got to highlight the storytelling in your projects.

Breaking down the design process into clear steps is a plus, showing how you spot problems and figure out solutions. This way, senior designers can see how you tackle challenges in a systematic way.

4. Systematic Design System — Product Sustainability

In design, being sustainable is super important. Especially in other countries where teamwork is a big deal, keeping the design consistent is key because projects usually involve many people in a company. To design a product smoothly with lots of designers aiming for the same goal, you need a well-thought-out design system.

Portfolios usually show projects done by one person, which can make it hard to keep the design consistent. So, it's smart to set up a solid design system from the start, showing everyone looking at it that your projects are all on the same page.

5. Fine UI Design

Even though many schools might not dive too deep into UI design, it's crucial to remember that a product can't be finished without it.

Since junior designers often take care of UI tasks when they start a job, having really good UI design that looks nice can make interviews go well and lead to positive job results.

6. Attention to Detail

Making a portfolio website takes a bunch of work, not just the project pages. Since it's a website, you need to think about responsive design and do things like make thumbnails for projects on the main page and create an about page to introduce yourself.

These parts can be great for showing HR managers who haven't met you yet what kind of designer you are.

Because being detail-oriented is super important for designers, a portfolio site that's perfectly made right down to the little things can show off how awesome you are as a designer.

Blossom UX School has made more than a hundred portfolio websites so far. Many students, even if they aren't experts or have no experience, have landed jobs at good companies. While saying they got the job only because of their portfolio might be a bit much, the truth is, it wouldn't have happened without the awesome portfolios they made through lots of hard work.

Blossom UX School is a special school for UX portfolios, all about helping students get jobs. The class on making top-notch projects and portfolio websites has really helped lots of students snag jobs in the United States, Europe, Asia, and all over the world.

If you want to step into the job market with a great portfolio, why not start your journey with Blossom UX School? We're always open to designers and can't wait to have you.

See you next time! Happy designing!

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