UXUI Design trends we need to know in 2024

March 11, 2024
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The UX/UI sector is one that constantly evolves alongside technological advancements and shifts in market trends. As technology progresses, user needs and desires change, thereby influencing trends in product design. It's vital for us to stay attuned to these shifts and be ready to adapt swiftly.

With the onset of the new year, new trends have inevitably surfaced. For designers gearing up for career transitions or job hunts within the UI/UX domain, it's advantageous to promptly grasp and acquaint themselves with these emerging trends.


As time goes by, illustration styles are becoming bolder and more entertaining, tailored to user preferences. These illustrations, utilized in websites, apps, and other products, effectively convey narratives or atmospheres. They resonate well with how actual users perceive visual elements, facilitating more meaningful interactions between users and products and injecting vibrant imagery.

There are various approaches to illustration expression, and one notable trend in 2024 is claymorphism. With the rising popularity of 3D imagery, claymorphism has also emerged as a significant trend. True to its name, claymorphism features soft, tactile images that evoke a sense of familiarity and approachability among users.

Micro interaction and Hover effect

With the emergence of various interactions and hover functions, the range of experiences accessible to users within products has broadened. Microinteractions, in particular, manifest as more subtle and intricate effects within mobile interfaces, aiming to offer users more intuitive perceptions.

Considering the inherent constraints of mobile screens compared to other products, such as limited text and flat design, distinguishing specific functions or product identities can pose a challenge. To tackle this, small animations in the form of microinteractions are employed to lend interfaces a more dynamic appearance, enabling users to concentrate more on content.

Furthermore, trends in enhancing user experience encompass mouse hover and parallax design. This year's trend is characterized by a focus on the users' experience itself rather than just convenience or usability, prompting increased attention to such elements.

Distinct mouse hover effects foster a sense of firsthand exploration as effects adapt based on the user's gaze. Similarly, parallax design enriches user experience by offering unique animation effects tailored to the user's reading and scrolling pace, enhancing the overall experience.

Font and Colour design

Changes in color and font usage have also been noticeable. With unique illustrations and 3D imagery becoming fashionable, they have influenced color palettes as well. We're witnessing more adventurous color selections and a rise in gradient effects.

In particular, opting for gradients instead of solid colors can offer users a more organic experience, mirroring how colors are perceived in the real world and enhancing realism. However, because this design approach is quite striking, excessive use can result in user confusion. It's advisable to employ gradients judiciously, concentrating on crucial elements.

While the use of large fonts isn't exclusive to this year, it remains prominent and consistently utilized. Key areas requiring users' attention, which previously relied on eye-catching images, are now integrating large fonts or typography enriched with design elements. Nevertheless, the necessity to grab users' attention remains unchanged, prompting the increased adoption of larger fonts and bold, adventurous weights.

It's natural for an industry that prioritizes user experience to be attuned and responsive to shifting trends. To deliver designs that are on-trend, it's advisable to swiftly grasp and implement these changes.

For designers who are new to the UI/UX industry or junior designers, staying abreast of such trends can pose a challenge.

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